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Hand in Support 0 Yemen

Empowering young men and women in Yemen…

Hand in Support is a National licensed based in Sana’a operates to cover all YEMEN.  Its legal formation (License No.44-2015) first formed in late 2015 by professional members  whom has dedicated their experience and long services for  establishing official management unit .for Hand in Support members has grown its approach of pilot programs activates, seeking to operate under  the thematic areas in majority of community development, poverty reduction, youth support, women empowerment and social services.

Hand in Support organization structure includes a Board of Directors, Board of Trustees, Commission Oversight and Administration Unit that operate and accesses the future progress of programs, to make strategic decisions, and look at programs best to serve people. HIS intend to deploy high fields of expertise on different development sectors.  will  provide opportunity for community studies and research to learn and participate in its activities.

HIS is independent of political and geographical forms, and planning in depth serious international and local partnership with NGOs, funding agencies and project beneficiaries to collaborate with each development sector to facilitate promoting care and supporting for people living in Yemen. This is through number of pilot programs for promoting support for people living with minimum needs and increasing knowledge in sustainable environment.

HIS was developed at preliminary needs of developing community stability, culture and creativity. gaining power to transform entire societies, strengthen local communities and forge a sense of identity and belonging for people of all ages. As a vector for youth development and civic engagement, developing community stability, culture and creativity plays an essential role in promoting sustainable social and economic development for future generations.


Empowering young men and women our Goals is to inspire and contribute to the Youth by offering them opportunities to develop their skills